Snow Day!

ImageI didn’t follow the forecast at all over the weekend, so I was quite surprised when my husband woke me up and said the kids were in a two-hour delay because of snow.

When I looked out the window, huge, fluffy flakes were still falling. Of course, this meant the kids and I had to go outside and play. We hustled into our boots, coats and mittens and went out. My son, who recently received at Snowball maker in a party goodie bag, put his new toy to use. This plastic contraption took a mound of snow and compacted it into a tight, packed solid, potentially-deadly round mass.

We made the snowman you see above. I grabbed a couple of pine cones off our tree for eyes. I didn’t care to go in and get a carrot nose, so it’s noseless. My daughter took a stick and drew a mouth (which you can’t see in the photo).

We came in, had hot cocoa, hung out, and then I took them to school. A fun morning, but of course, it put me two hours behind.  Perhaps more, because Monday is always a short work day for me because I take care of household stuff (like buying food and toilet paper).

That’s it for me today. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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