New Review and Back in the saddle after my party weekend!

Well, if you follow my Twitter, Facebook or Google+ feed, you’ll have noticed I’ve been quiet over the weekend. My son was turning 10 and had a birthday party with 35 kids on Sunday.  I also had volunteered to work the school book fair on Friday and Monday, putting me pretty much offline.

Today is the first time I’ve been online for any significant length of time since Thursday night (Halloween). So, I was pleasantly surprised, upon returning from grocery shopping to see a 5-star review of Life First at Big Al’s Books and Pals. So, definitely check it out.


The three party books

As for my weekend, the party went well, and everyone had lots of funs. For goodie bags, I bought abridged, illustrated versions of classic novels. Target sells these books occasionally in the $1 bin, and after Halloween, they were on sale for half price.  I put one book and a snack-size bag of Kettle corn in each goodie bag. But, I had to go to 3 different Targets to find enough books.

Interestingly, at the end of the party, a kid gives me her goodie bag back, telling me she doesn’t want the book. I felt like saying, “No, this is the abridged version of Moby Dick. There aren’t pages and pages of whaling minutiae you didn’t want to know.”   Though, I don’t think that’s the reason she gave it back. However, I will say that is the only time I’ve had a kid return a goodie bag.  Didn’t even want the kettle corn?!

Moby Dick illustrated.

Moby Dick illustrated’s interior.

Most kids seemed to like the books, and because I just got what Target had, kids got one of the three books pictured. I noticed some kids trying to trade for Frankenstein. So, apparently Frankenstein is the hot ticket of the classic tales, if you plan to give them out at a party.

After the party, I was pooped and we didn’t do much of anything Sunday night.  Monday, I volunteered at my children’s school book fair again. The kids were all enthusiastic about the books, and enjoyed browsing and buying. Diary of the Wimpy Kid was the thing everyone was asking about. It’s supposed to be delivered to our book fair tonight, and the kids should be able to buy it tomorrow.

That’s it for me for now. It’s time for me to catch up on my email and I’m going to try to get Second Life set up for pre-order.


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RJ Crayton is a former journalist who now writes fiction. She's reported for the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle, as well as the smaller publications Education Technology News and Campus Crime. She has two published novels, Life First and Second Life and blogs for Indies Unlimited and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. For exclusive content and first looks at her new work, sign up for the newsletter at
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18 Responses to New Review and Back in the saddle after my party weekend!

  1. Stopping by from Indies Unlimited. Anyone who can juggle kids and writing has my admiration. Congrats on your positive review, and for staying sane throughout your son’s birthday party!

  2. Stopping by from Indies Unlimited. My son turned 10 on Halloween so we just had the big party too. Went with a food fight (water balloons, silly string, and 11 cans of redi whip). Great idea for your party favors.

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Oh my goodness, Sherri, I’m scared just thinking about the cleanup involved with silly string, redi whip and water balloons. I bow to your party chutzpah. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Stopping by from Indies Unlimited. My son turned 10 on Halloween so we had the big birthday party too. We had an outside food fight with Rediwhip, water balloons, and silly string. I was exhausted, but the boys had fun. I really like your idea for goody bags.

  4. I have been following your blog but am stopping by as part of the Indies Unlimited Blog Fest to show my support. Love your blog.

  5. Congrats on the review. Visiting from Indies Unlimited.

  6. Hi from the IU blogfest! Congrats on the great review *and* on surviving the birthday party. 🙂

  7. Dale says:

    Hi from IU. Congratulations on your review and now I’m off to Target.

  8. S.A. Molteni says:

    Visiting by way of Indies Unlimited. Nice blog and congratulations on the review. Great Job 🙂

  9. I read the review. Congratulations. It’s a good one.

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Thanks. I get the Big Al’s Books and Pals email list and saw in the headline it was my book. I was so nervous about what it would say, I actually called my husband and asked him to read the review and call me back and tell me what it said. So, wonderful call back. Made clicking open the email much easier. 🙂

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