New Covers and Happy Birthday to Me!


Hope all is going well today. A short post, as I have a few things going on today. First up, it’s my birthday, so happy birthday to me. Feeling older, but not wiser. Go figure! 🙂

Today’s your last day to enter the Goodreads Second Chance Giveaway. It’s your chance to get a free electronic copy of Second Life. So, don’t forget to enter, if you’re interested. It’s also the last day to get a discounted version of Life First via Smashwords.

Lastly, I’ve updated the covers of both Life First and Second Life, as I’ve gotten feedback that the covers, while interesting, aren’t neccessarily eye-catching or eyeball stopping (so you pause to click the description).  In addition to the feedback about eye-catchiness, I updated the covers due to the changing nature of the series. The original covers would have been OK if the series’ main focus had remained dystopian government threat. However, Second Life has a very distinctive romance component, and I’m hoping to convey that more with the new cover.  The two new covers also work as a series, in that they have a similar feel to them, which I think is important in series covers. (The original covers I also thought worked well as series covers.) Anyway, with no further ado,  here are the new covers. (Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts):

Life_first_brown2 Second Life - High Resolution_green3_final

The new covers are up on Amazon and slowly filtering out to the other  retail sites. (I use Smashwords as a distributor. It’s a massive pro to make document changes only once and get them pushed to five different vendors.  However, the con is that Smashwords is massively slow in pushing out changes.)

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RJ Crayton is a former journalist who now writes fiction. She's reported for the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle, as well as the smaller publications Education Technology News and Campus Crime. She has two published novels, Life First and Second Life and blogs for Indies Unlimited and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. For exclusive content and first looks at her new work, sign up for the newsletter at
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12 Responses to New Covers and Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Brian says:

    Stopping by from IU. I think the covers look great and wish you the best of luck and success with them!

  2. DV Berkom says:

    Happy Birthday! (I’m posting again, as the program seems to have kicked me out 🙁 )
    Good luck with the new covers. It’s always interesting to see how they work out. I’ve tweaked mine so many times, I can’t remember the originals at all!

  3. DV Berkom says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Good luck with your new covers–it’s always interesting to see how changing them works. I’ve tweaked the covers on one of my series so many times I can’t remember 🙂

  4. It’s your birthday? Have a great day and year – lots of good health and fun ahead.

  5. Hi from the IU blog fest! So nice of the admins to schedule this on your birthday. 🙂 Hope it’s a good one!

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Haha, yes it was nice of them to schedule it on my birthday. IU is good that way about being kowtowing to my whims and needs. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. S.A. Molteni says:

    Visiting by way of IU Blogfest. Love your blog!
    Happy birthday 🙂

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