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Chucklish, not Chucky-ish!

As part of the My Big Fat Indie Book Gang featured author week, there’s a new interview post over at Atty’s Attic.  Also, there’s a new review of Life First on Goodreads.  Be sure to check both of those out. And of course, join the Big Fat Indie Book Gang if you love independently published books. It’s run by Chuckles the Scot, who’s quite chucklish (as in, liking to chuckle; not to be confused with Chucky-ish — defined as terrifying like a red-headed, freckled doll who comes to life and kills people in the most gruesome ways imaginable.)

OK, as to the ebooks you can pour soda on, it’s a myth. They don’t exist. However, tomorrow Life First will be featured on eBook Soda, a new site that emails readers with book suggestions based on their reading preferences. If you’re interested in getting some reading suggestions, definitely sign up at eBook Soda. Life First will be 99 cent tomorrow (Amazon only) as part of the promo, so if you have any friends who haven’t read the book and you think they’d like it, definitely point them my way.

Finally, since there is room in this post, I’ll add the other two quote covers for Life First. If you missed yesterday’s post and want to see them all together, check out my Pinterest page.

LF_noone_correct_lowres LF_mustescapetonight_lowres

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