Friday Fun Stuff: Love — parental, romantic, and more

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. It’s Friday, so it’s time for fun stuff. I’ve got two things. Just a reminder that Second Life is a lovely read if you’re looking for a little romance!

If it’s Valentine’s Day and romance isn’t on your agenda, then how about we take a gander at the fruits of the first love that ever mattered to us: love from our parents. I found this great video of a mother and son dancing at the son’s wedding. This mom is AWESOME and she totally loves her baby boy (and yes, he will always be her baby) to get out there and shake her groove thang like that. (Skip ahead to about 1:05 in the video. That’s where things start getting good.)



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3 Responses to Friday Fun Stuff: Love — parental, romantic, and more

  1. Dale Furse says:

    Tell him from me, he is too square, lol.

  2. RJ Crayton says:

    Yes, I bet they had lots of fun getting ready for that. Hopefully, I’ll be that fit and spry when my son gets married (though when I showed him the video, he was mortified at the site of any mother dancing, despite how good it was).

  3. Dale says:

    Haha, they are really good. Lots of practise but lots and lots of fun.

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