How to write book club questions and drinking the ebook soda…

Just popped in to let you know I’m guest blogging over on Indies Unlimited today about how to write book club questions for your book. I elaborate on the process I used when writing my questions, and offer up some questions based on imagined books about a grown up Hansel and a seafood-devouring little mermaid. Check out the post here.

SL_lowres_greenAlso, Second Life is featured on eBook Soda today. I know you’ve all heard the expression about not drinking the Kool-Aid. I won’t comment on whether or not Kool-Aid should be drunk, but I will say, drink the eBook Soda. Oh, it goes down good!

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoyed the President’s Day holiday yesterday. I attended a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s (that’s how me and my friends roll! OK, so it was a party for my kids’ friend, but still, how we roll!).  Heard a lovely joke:

Q: What’s a vampire’s favorite dog?
A: a bloodhound

I was both amused and disturbed (amused because of it’s appropriate corniness; disturbed because Chuck E. told the joke; a little odd for a crowd of six-year-olds, no? And are bloodhounds the vamps’ favorite because they enjoy the company of that type of dog, or are the vamps’ favorite as in, “what should we eat tonight?” I guess we can all ruminate on that.)

That’s it for me, as I’ve got to take my daughter to music class. Have a great rest of the day!

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RJ Crayton is a former journalist who now writes fiction. She's reported for the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle, as well as the smaller publications Education Technology News and Campus Crime. She has two published novels, Life First and Second Life and blogs for Indies Unlimited and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. For exclusive content and first looks at her new work, sign up for the newsletter at
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