Friday Fun Stuff: After all the hard knocks, the sun will still come out

LF_hypocrisy2So, happy Friday to you!

First things first, I promised a new quote poster.  That’s it to the left there.  Great quote, though definitely not fun. I guess that’s why Kelsey runs.

For fun, we’ve got Friday Fun Stuff. For today’s fun stuff, I thought we’d look at the trailer for the new Annie movie. Now, I LOVED the 1982 Annie starring Aileen Quinn as Annie and featuring Carol Burnett as the wicked Ms. Hannigan. So, when I heard there was going to be a remake, my thought was, Nope. I was ready to bash and slash and rail about how they can’t just come up with new ideas for movies instead of trying to sully our memories of our favorite films of the past. But, then I saw this trailer and thought, that looks pretty good.

It looks good in part, because it doesn’t quite feel like a remake. It’s a primarily black cast and little details, like the reason for the billionaire needing an orphan are different. They’re using the same music (like a remake) but it almost feels like the Wiz in comparison to the Wizard of Oz.  Anyway, I really liked the trailer and it felt fun.  Even though it’s a hard knock life sometimes, the sun always comes out tomorrow! Enjoy.

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