Friday Fun Stuff: History of Rap

A Starfleet uniform because I couldn't find a picture of the NC-1701 that was definitely public domain.

A Starfleet uniform, because I felt like it. (source: wikicommons)

Happy Friday to you. It’s been a fun week on the blog. On Monday, I mentioned I’d earned the BRAG Medallion, awarded to great indie books.  Yesterday, Life First was featured on and an interview with me appeared on T. Michelle Nelson’s blog (definitely check it out if you’re a Star Trek fan; but don’t read it if you attended Howard University in the 1990s and enjoyed kicking pigeons).

As for the Friday Fun Stuff, wasn’t sure what to post, and finally decided upon Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake doing rap cover songs.  They’ve done five “History of Rap” cover medleys, but it was hard to find a really good version of the first one on YouTube, so I settled on the combined version (It has History of Rap 1-4) Unfortunately it’s 20 minutes long, so you can cut out early if you want to.   It’s lots of fun, and you’ve probably heard a lot of the songs, even if you’re not the hugest rap fan.

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