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Sometime Waiting is the Hardest Part

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post called, There is no Stigma to Success. In it, I mentioned one of the benefits of being self published was that there was no ticking clock. You could take as long … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Stuff: Who Cares What the Fox Says…

Well, this is the final Friday in June, so this is the final in the musical selection category. I thought I’d end on a fun note with Ylvis. Who’s Ylvis? Well, you probably know them from their surprise hit last … Continue reading

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The little things matter, but often not the ones we’re most obsessed with

I’m back from my vacation. I was gone to the Outer Banks of North Carolina all last week. It was quite pleasant to get away and relax at the beach. I love taking my kids out (though my son is … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Stuff: Old School with Weird Al

Happy Friday to you. Hope you’ve had a great week.  I’ve had a fun week at the beach, and just a quick FYI that I’ve been featured over at the Culture and Cuisine blog with a chicken salad recipe. Now, … Continue reading

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Rooting for other people’s stupidity isn’t a sound business strategy

Even though I often think of myself as just an author or your average, run-of-the-mill person, as a writer who self publishes, I’m a business, too. And it’s not a sound business strategy simply to root for other people’s stupidity. … Continue reading

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I’m batting a thousand; No, wait, I’m writing a thousand…

You may have noticed I’m not around online as much (or maybe not). I’ve actually tried to do a better job scheduling Facebook posts and tweets. But, overall, interaction wise, I pop in sporadically. Well, the reason is, I decided … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

I just want to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. My children tried to make a We Love Dad shadow image last year and it didn’t quite work out (if I knew anything about PhotoShop, I … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Stuff: Fancy

Happy Friday to you.  I hope you saw the earlier post about Four Mothers being free today. You’ve just got a couple of hours left if you want to pick it up, gratis. Now for the Friday Fun Stuff. Last … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th is Lucky for You – Free book!

Happy Friday to you! I’ll run the Friday Fun Stuff post this evening. Meanwhile, it’s time for me to offer a gift to you: my new short story collection, Four Mothers. It is free until midnight Pacific Time tonight. So, … Continue reading

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There is no stigma to success; self publish if you wish

I was in a Facebook writing group the other day, and a writer there posted that he didn’t “condone” self publishing. I asked him to explain, and one thing he said was that there is a stigma to it. I’d heard … Continue reading

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