Friday Fun Stuff: Prime Time

Happy Friday to you.  Hope you’re planning an awesome weekend. I’ve got book club tonight, and what we says is, “What happens at book club stays at book club.” Yeah, we’re a little raucous, and some of our members drink a little bit (or a lot). So, I’m looking forward to the meeting (maybe we’ll actually talk about the book; which was The Husband’s Secret).

For the Friday Fun Stuff, I thought we’d do Janelle Monae’s Primetime (featuring Miguel). I really like this song, and the video has a futuristic vibe. As we’ve been talking a bit about technology of the future (like automated cars) recently, it seemed like a good fit for Fun Stuff. Janelle will also kick off our musical June of Friday Fun Stuff. Every Friday Fun Stuff this month will be musical. Next week will be a hilarious one. I’ve already set up the post, so definitely check back here next week. Last thing, if you enjoy guitar playing, click to 3:42 in this video and there’s a great guitar little riff that starts right about then.

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  1. Dale says:

    Neat, RJ. Looking forward to more music. 🙂

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