Friday Fun Stuff: Who Cares What the Fox Says…

Well, this is the final Friday in June, so this is the final in the musical selection category.

I thought I’d end on a fun note with Ylvis. Who’s Ylvis? Well, you probably know them from their surprise hit last year, What Does the Fox Say?  They’re actually a comedy duo (brothers, in fact) and all their videos are meant to be humorous. For today’s video, I’m posting The Cabin. It’s a spoof of all those romantic deep-voiced crooners, and in it the singer tells us about what should sound like a romantic trip to a cabin. Only, it sounds like a real trip to a cabin (the unvarnished truth version, which is anything but romantic). Enjoy!

Other Ylvis videos are funny, but several are explicit (or possibly offensive), so I just went with this one. Certainly, click around for other Ylvis videos if you liked that one and are generally not easily offended by language.  Alright, Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend.

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3 Responses to Friday Fun Stuff: Who Cares What the Fox Says…

  1. Dale says:

    Ugh. I have no sound so I can’t hear it. Looks good though, lol.

    • RJ Crayton says:

      No sound. 🙁 Computers are fickle sometimes. I feel your pain, as the R key on my other laptop isn’t working at the moment and it’s driving me nuts. R is an important letter.

      • Dale says:

        No sound doesn’t seem so bad now, thanks. Haha, R is an important letter. That would send me crazier than I am already. I’d probably end up throwing it across the room or into the garbage, lol.

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