Friday Fun Stuff – Oh What a Dog

Happy Friday to you. I have a couple of book notes before I get into Friday Fun Stuff.

Thirdlife_15x25Third Life came out on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy. I appreciate it. I mentioned on Wednesday that I was trying a new distributor, Draft2Digital. I am totally in love with D2D now. With Smashwords, you had to be proactively involved in your book distribution, checking sites to find out if it had published. Not so with D2D. Got an email on Wednesday around 1 pm, saying the book was published on Kobo. A couple of hours later, I got an email saying the book had published on Apple. Thursday morning, I got an email saying the book had published on Barnes & Noble. So, I was a very happy camper that I didn’t have to go check each site individually.

I updated the Third Life: Taken page and it includes links to where you can purchase the book, which should now be priced $3.99 now. (I made the change at Amazon this morning, so it may take a couple of hours for it to take effect.)

As to the Friday Fun Stuff. I saw this adorable video on Facebook and thought I had to share. I’m not really a dog person, but this dog is so sweet!  Check it out, if you’re ready for your heart to be warmed.


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7 Responses to Friday Fun Stuff – Oh What a Dog

  1. Dale says:

    I love the dog! Mind you, he probably wants the balls thrown back out. A great game, lol.

  2. That is one super dog. He could babysit. lol

  3. I still use SW but have continued to hear very good things about D2D, thanks RJ.

    Are you using them to reach Scribd and Oyster also?

    • RJ Crayton says:


      I didn’t use Smashwords at all for Third Life, but I am interested in reaching the Oyster and library crowd, so I’ll make a decision as to whether I want to upload a version to Smashwords by the end of the month. They have their own storefront, which is nice for generating coupons, and there’s also the library/Oyster thing. I’ve done three versions of a book document before (I uploaded Second Life directly to NookPress), so it’s not the worst thing in the world. But, it’s easier when you have fewer versions to update. On my agenda this month is to reupload all my books, with new backmatter that includes Third Life: Taken (it’s not hard, just time consuming).

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