I was not impaled by an arrow… so, all in all, a good week!

Woman in pink tutu holds bow and arrow over man. Woods in background

So, no this is not from my camping trip (if it were, I would certainly recommend to school officials that they not do this trip in the future). However, it was freely available on Wiki Commons and involves a bow and arrow, so it seemed halfway relevant.  Though, these guys were impaled by arrows, so not a good week for them.

Happy Friday to you!

Sorry, I’ve been incommunicado on the blog and social media. I was, unfortunately, on a camping field trip with my daughter. My husband was supposed to go, but he got sick and doomed me to nature. (This is not to say that I don’t like nature; it’s just that there are specific circumstances under which I enjoy nature. It needs to be between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, a very light breeze or windless, no insects or other things that crawl, bite or otherwise disturb me. If you start adding things like rain, insects, wild beasts, cold or excessive heat, then I’d prefer to go inside a climate-controlled man-made structure).

The field trip actually wasn’t that bad.  My daughter had fun and learned some interesting things. From a parental viewpoint, though, I must admit it is a little disconcerting when you arrive, and the instructors at the “outdoor school” inform you that the school is part of a larger nature compound and the school part has specific borders.  Outside those specific borders, a hunting club is indulging in bow hunting season. So, the fact that I didn’t get shot by a confused hunter makes me feel like the trip was a success. Also, near the property is a military compound that explodes (previously unexploded) ordnance. So, I did hear something that sounded like thunder (even when it wasn’t raining or cloudy) that I can only assume was something big being exploded.

Having survived (even though it rained on day two of the trip) nature, hunters and ordnance makes me happy.  However, phone and internet signal was spotty to nonexistent (There was a building at the outdoor school that had wifi, but you had to ask staff for a password and they said it was really slow and seemed to indicate you should only use it if you really really had to).  The lack of signal made getting home a bit difficult, because the GPS wouldn’t work until I was about 20 miles away. Persistent in my desire to leave nature, I just kept driving until the GPS voice spoke. I may have gone a little out of the way, but it felt good driving away from hunters and unabashed nature.

Anyway, I’m way  behind. The trip was only two days (Tuesday/Wednesday), but it killed my week. I spent Monday buying stuff I didn’t have, like rain boots (my shoes can withstand an inch or so of water; more than that, then I really shouldn’t be outside, right?), ponchos, etc.  Tuesday and Wednesday I spent on the trip. Thursday, I had a dentist appointment after I dropped the kids at school. Then, I had to go grocery shopping (because it apparently didn’t occur to my husband that he should do something to fill the slowly emptying refrigerator. Well, do something other than tell me we needed groceries when I arrived home Wednesday night).

So, today is the first day this week I’ve been settled in and on a somewhat normal schedule. I did get caught up with email yesterday (I had 400 messages between all my accounts),  responding to anything that required a response and deleting anything that didn’t (yes, Groupon, Living Social, Google alerts and the like, that means you).  As such, I thought I’d write a  quick blog post, and wish you all a happy weekend. Just remember, if you haven’t been impaled by an arrow, it’s a good day.



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10 Responses to I was not impaled by an arrow… so, all in all, a good week!

  1. Dale says:

    You’re a brave girl. You’d never hear the arrow coming your way, lol. Were there ants?

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Well, I certainly didn’t wander off the property to explore, and thankfully the hunters know their boundaries well enough not to shoot the school area. But, it’s not comforting. Thankfully, it was cool enough that there weren’t many insects. They said the mosquitoes wouldn’t be a problem (and they weren’t). There were a fair number of stink bugs, though.

  2. Lol. Such a great piece from someone who is not, and never will be a happy camper- you remind me of my wife. Welcome back to civilisation.

  3. Jeri says:

    I should take you on a backcountry hiking trip into the Idaho wilderness sometime 😉

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Is that a threat? 🙂 Actually, I can hike through any wilderness that meets my enjoying nature criteria. Otherwise, I’m in trouble.

  4. DV Berkom says:

    lol Glad to have you back from the great wild 😀

  5. Welcome back. Glad you’re in one piece.

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