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50 Shades of Power: Who Controls How Powerful a Story is – the Author or the Reader?

The 50 Shades of Grey movie came out Valentine’s Day weekend, and in the week leading up to and following the opening of the movie there’s been a lot of talk about it. A lot of the talk has been … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Stuff : Math Labs

I haven’t done Friday Fun Stuff in a while (perhaps not at all in 2015). I’ve been busy and nothing has jumped out at me as particularly funny. However, I did see this Breaking Bad parody that made me laugh. … Continue reading

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The Gravity Lawsuit – More Issues than Meet the Eye

Last year, the novelist Tess Gerritsen sued Warner Bros. for breach of contract for making the film Gravity, based on her novel. Gerritsen did not sue for copyright infringement, because she sold the film rights to her book to a … Continue reading

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A Round of Applause for Some of the Under-appreciated Writers

I wrote a post not too long ago about working stars you admired in your youth into your creative endeavors . The fabulous DV Berkom mentioned in a comment that she, too, had been a General Hospital fan during college. … Continue reading

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A Little Love for Valentine’s Day

An early happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope everyone will get to spend the day with at least one person they love, either a great friend, a great family member or someone you love romantically. If you’re looking for … Continue reading

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My Resolve Wanes

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I’d set a goal of writing 1,500 words a day in 2015. I was doing very well to begin with, producing five to six thousand words on a few glorious days. … Continue reading

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Being Blamed When It’s Not Your Fault

Kid: Teacher, would you punish me for something I didn’t do? Teacher: Of course not. I would never punish you for something you didn’t do. Kid: Good, because I didn’t do my homework. So, I start this post with this … Continue reading

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Library Seminar a Success

I had a great time over the weekend hosting a self-publishing seminar at the New Carrollton (MD) library branch. We had a great turnout of about 50 people, who were all really interested in self-publishing. I gave away two  proof … Continue reading

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