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Can a Job be a Vacation?

I ask this question very simply because I saw an article the other day  about a bookstore in England that offers patrons a vacation of running a bookstore for a week. You pay 150 British pounds for the privilege. As … Continue reading

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The Fat Lady Has Sung

There’s that old expression, “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.”  Well, today she’s singing loud and proud for the kids. Summer is over. First day of school for the kids. It should ostensibly mean I have more free … Continue reading

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Promo Fun

Happy Wednesday to you. I’m doing some promotion for Life First over the next week or so. The book will be 99 cents through Aug. 28. I’ve got some advertising scheduled at various spots during the week, so we’ll see … Continue reading

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Lyric Love : One Man Can Change the World

I’ve mentioned before that I love song lyrics. I admire those writers so much because they can say so much vividly and succinctly. Occasionally, I post a video for a song that has really great lyrics. Right now, I am … Continue reading

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So, Has Everyone Had a Productive Summer?

I’m a writer, so I have writer friends, and one of the things I’ve noticed over the last few days is that everyone is saying they either just finished a manuscript and need beta readers, or they’re about to finish … Continue reading

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How Amazon’s New KU Offers Authors Way too Much and Way too Little Information All at Once

We’ve seen an entire month of Amazon’s new way of paying authors of books available on the site’s Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription service. Now that I’ve seen it, I must admit I think authors who aren’t moving tons of content … Continue reading

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