Lyric Love : One Man Can Change the World

181px-Clasped_handsI’ve mentioned before that I love song lyrics. I admire those writers so much because they can say so much vividly and succinctly. Occasionally, I post a video for a song that has really great lyrics.

Right now, I am totally in love with this Big Sean song I heard on the radio a couple of weeks back: One Man Can Change the World. It’s a tribute to his grandma, who was a huge inspiration and motivating force in his life. Check out Sean’s Instagram post for more on his grandma (the post was written after she died; and the song was written for her). This song works on every level: music, lyrics, message. It’s such a vivid tale that’s full of references to his life and her message of perseverance and hope to him.  Simple lyrics, lots of heart.

I particularly like the line, “With all the drive in the world, I swear, you still need gas.” It’s simple yet evocative of the idea that we can have a drive to succeed, but it won’t work unless we fuel ourselves (mind, body and spirit,)

A song called, “One Man Can Change the World,” could end up being unrealistically preachy, but I like how it does show the flip side of the coin, sometimes deadly serious, and other times with a humorous reference: “Standin’ next to Jim Carrey, we traded stories then laughed; I said you not the only one I know got rich wearin’ masks.”

Again, lovely song. Check out the video below. You can find the full lyrics here.

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