Self-Publishing Road Map Updated, Available at Multiple Retailers

self_pub_road_map_newJust a quick note to mention that my book, the Self-Publishing Road Map, which had been exclusively available as an ebook on Amazon, is now available at Barnes & Noble, the Google Play Store, Inktera and Kobo.

The book is a primer for anyone who’s interested in self-publishing and needs help with the basics. It has several handy checklists that you can print off to make sure you’ve taken care of all the things you need to do. (Here’s a checklist for Step 4, if you’re curious what they look like.)

Because I was uploading the book to other retail sites, I decided to go in and update the section on the Kindle Select program. Under that program, authors agree to be exclusive to Amazon, and in return are included in Amazon’s lending library and Kindle Unlimited programs. They’re also able to make their books free for five days or do Kindle Countdown Deals. A couple of months after the Road Map published, Amazon  drastically changed the Kindle Select payment process. I went in and updated the book to reflect this new payment process.

For those who are wondering why the book is not available at Apple, it’s because Apple does not allow competitor links in books it sells. Because it’s a publishing guide, I link to all the places you can publish books (all of which are competitors with Apple). I’m not sure there is a way around this issue for those of you who use iBooks. I’ll ask around, but I’m trying to squeeze a couple of books out before the year ends, so figuring out how to publish this book on Apple is not going to be my highest priority.

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  1. Dale says:

    I’ve read heaps of your posts and turorials, RJ, so I know the books’ contents would be a great addition to my library. Going to grab myself a copy. 🙂

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