Some Diverse Books for Black History Month


We really enjoyed this book last year.

Happy February to you. It’s a good year because you’ve got one extra day in the month this year. Leap Year’s are awesome.

February is also Black History Month. Last year, my friend Rebecca posted on Facebook that she was reading a different book to her kids each night for Black History Month. I thought it was such a great idea I copied it. My books from last year are on my Pinterest page. I’ll add more this year. The first will be my friend, Monica Fortune’s book, Who’s Birthday Is it. It’s an indie book, as well as diverse.  I don’t have my entire list yet, but check the page as the month goes on to see what I end up posting.

If you’re looking for some adult books for Black History Month, I found this great list of a 100 books online.

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  1. Charles Ray says:

    If you liked ‘Bad News for Outlaws’ last year, this year you might like to read ‘Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal,’ my own book about about this fascinating man.

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