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Kindle Scout Results

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for Concealed for a Kindle Scout submission. Unfortunately, the book was not selected for Kindle Press publication. I got word last  night, and those of you who voted will likely receive an … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Sunday – Pushing Yourself

Happy Sunday to you! This week, I thought I’d talk about the concept of pushing yourself. In self-publishing, as in traditional publishing, the key to earning is publishing a lot. Traditional publishers don’t have just one author and one book. … Continue reading

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What Publishers can Learn from Batman v. Superman

I saw an interesting article the other day on the Batman v. Superman film, which came out on Good Friday and which industry insiders are calling a failure, because it costs so much to make ($400 million, including marketing) and … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Sundays: ISBNs

Whenever I’ve done a self-publishing seminar, I’ve always gotten a lot of questions about ISBNs. Truthfully, I don’t think about ISBNs a lot, but the questions seem to be numerous. I think that’s because ISBNs are required in the print … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Sunday: The Cost of Self-Publishing

Note: Author Jim Brown and I will be giving a FREE self-publishing seminar Saturday, April 9, from 2-4 p.m. at the College Park Book Festival. Stop by if you’re local. Happy Sunday to you. Last week, we talked about the … Continue reading

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