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ScentedwavesmokeMy newest book, Scented, is available today.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was going to forego pre-orders in the near future, with the goal of getting content out quicker (if the book were up for pre-order, it wouldn’t be out for another week, likely). So, hopefully, it doesn’t feel like a total surprise that this book is here. It will be 99 cents today and tomorrow, just for you early purchasers. It will go up to $2.99 on Saturday. The book is also available in Kindle Unlimited for a free borrow. The blurb is below and you can read sample chapters online: in PDF on my site or  a web-based view on Wattpad.

Ashes to Ashes…. Dust to Dust…

When the sickening, unfamiliar scent wafted from his mother, Bryan had no idea why until misfortune struck the Harper home. Forced to say good bye to his deceased mother and distanced from his father. Bryan finds his new sense of smell is no gift, it’s a curse.

When Lauraline Reese walks into his life, Bryan begins to question everything he knows. He doesn’t know why she appeared, but there is one thing he is sure of his life is about to change. He just doesn’t know how…

At a young age Lauraline Reese escaped death, yet its specter still haunts her. Unable to let go of the feeling that death has not forgotten her, Lauraline finds it hard to find peace with the storm that almost took her life. With the specters of the past visiting the present, Lauraline finds herself doubting her sanity

When a familiar face delivers a vital message to Lauraline, Bryan finds himself in a race against death to set things right.

Can Bryan live a normal life despite his talent in scenting death? Or will he be forever marred by the curse of knowing when someone will die next?

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