Call me crazy, but does anyone else watch kids show without their kids?

Gotta go with the pic that includes the original Marina.

Gotta go with the pic that includes the original Marina.

Just the other day, I had a hankering to watch The Fresh Beat Band. I know some parents hate it, but I loved that show. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s like Glee, but for kids. They don’t do cool covers, though. It’s all original songs, and most are kind of catchy.  It’s the show that if, I’m flipping through the channels and I see it, I’ll stop and watch a few minutes. And now, it’s just me watching it, as my kids have totally outgrown this show. I think, too, it just makes me feel happy, as their theme song, Great Day, just picks me up. I love the enthusiasm with which they greet the day, and the notion that hanging out with good people will make any day great, makes me feel happy. I would love to interact people on a regular basis who approached things with joy. Fun fact, I was writing Scented when my daughter was heavily into this show, so I named the mother Marina because I heard the name so often from my daughter. (Not so fun fact: while I adored Shayna Roses’ Marina [pictured in the photo], I absolutely hate her replacement. I’m sure she’s a fine actress, but she doesn’t do it for me. And that’s just a personal preference. I’m sure there are lots of kids who like the 2nd Marina.)

I also like KC Undercover, which stars Zendaya, and also features Kadeem Hardison, who I grew up watching as Dwayne Wayne on A Different World. The Ninjago movie came out on Friday, and that’s a show I liked to watch with my kids, but I don’t actually watch it if they’re not around.

My writer’s group friend Michelle mentioned that she likes to watch Austin & Alley if it’s on. While her children are grown, she saw it at a relative’s house who had kids and now she watches it if she’s flipping channels. So, is it just me who will watch the kids shows without the kids? Or do you do it, too? And if so, which ones are your guilty pleasure?

So, do you have kids shows you like to watch without the kids? If so, which ones are your guilty pleasure?

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