Book Emergencies & Other Oddities in My Family

Hanging out under the tree in the children's section as my daughter deals with her "book emergency."

Hanging out under the tree in the children’s section as my daughter deals with her “book emergency.”

So, the other night, we apparently, according to my daughter, faced a “book emergency.” Never had one, say you? Well, it seems I’ve had them occasionally but hadn’t chalked it up as an emergency (silly me!)

It appears that if you finish a book and would like to read the next book in that series, but don’t have it, it is a book emergency. (Yes, who knew? Certainly not I.)  To quell this emergency, after dinner, I drove her to the library to get the book she “needed.”  The branch that was open didn’t have book 3 in the series, so I put that on hold, and discovered that the ebook version of book 3 was available.

Me: you could read it on your Kindle.
Her: I like regular books to read at school

Sigh. Fine. I’ll head back to the library to get this book when it comes in. Hopefully, it won’t be an emergency trip.

And in other odd news, on my mailing list, I offered readers a chance to get added to a special list that gives them first crack at advanced review copies. They had to fill out this form and provide a link to a review they’d written. Well, I was going through the form responses and saw my mother had responded. And I just started laughing. I love my mom, and I guess it’s nice that she reads my emails and gets excited and fills out the form. But, umm, mom, I’ll give you any book you ask for, at any stage of its inception. Just pick up the phone and call me, or text me, or holler my name, like you did when I was a kid.

Anyway, what an interesting week. And February has just begun. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

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  1. Laurie Boris says:

    Considering other kinds of child emergencies, this is one of the best kind to have!

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