At present, the Life First series  has gone through several iterations of covers, trying to find its niche. The first two books in the series had original covers when they were published in 2013. In early 2014, a new set of covers was introduced for the two books in the series.

In early 2015, I decided the covers still weren’t quite right and decided the third time would be the charm, and went through one more round of covers. Below, you’ll find all the covers that have been used on the books.

Regardless of wha cover you have on the outside, the content on the inside is the same.

Life First - High Resolution - 2_book1    Life_first_brown2 01_Life-First_darkjacketpants_reduced

Second Life - High Resolution - 2_book2    Second Life - High Resolution_green3_final 02_Second-Life_fitered_reduced



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