Book Club Questions (Life First)

So, you’ve decided to read Life First for your book club. May I be the first to say, great decision! I think you’ll find plenty to discuss with this book. I’m part of a book club, and one of the more important things for book club is having discussion questions at the back of the book. No, we don’t pan a book if there are no questions. But having them makes it much easier for the person facilitating. So, here’s a list of questions you can use to spur your Book Club discussion. If you have come up with a great discussion question of your own that you used when discussing the book, leave it in a comment. I may even add it to the list. (Please note the questions were written for people who have read the book.  If you haven’t read the book, some question content might prove to be a spoiler.)


1. The book’s title is “Life First,” the mantra of this futuristic society. Having completed the book, what meaning do you take from the title?
2. In the book, there is much discussion about body rights, and whether a person should have their healthy body operated on for the sole purpose of saving the life of someone else. What is your opinion on body rights? Would you donate an organ to a friend, a family member or a stranger?
3. In the book, lingo used in the current abortion debate (such as pro-choice) is used by this anti-mandatory donation faction. Do you find there are comparisons between this debate and FoSS’s organ donation policy?
4. Kelsey is reluctant to give up her kidney, and in the beginning of the book we aren’t exactly sure why. What was your opinion of Kelsey in the first few chapters of the book?  What was your opinion after you learned more about her personal history?
5. Given what you know about the society where Kelsey lives, would you choose to live in FoSS or would you defect to Peoria?
6. Dr. Grant’s character straddles the line between a good guy and a nefarious guy. When all is said and done, where would you put Dr. Grant: ultimately good or ultimately nefarious?
7.  Lewis Reed sacrifices his career to assist his daughter. One of the reasons he gives for this is his guilt over his handling of Kelsey’s mother, Maya. What role do you think he played in what happened to Maya? Is it something he should feel guilty over?
8. Luke is a stand-up guy. Afraid the two weren’t on the same page after Kelsey said no to his marriage proposal, he withheld important information from her, information that could have drastically changed her predicament had she known about it. Do you think Luke made the right decision, given what he knew? If you had been in Luke’s situation, what would you have done?
9. Susan was a true friend, making a huge sacrifice to help Kelsey escape. What do you think of her agreeing to participate in Luke’s plan? Do you have any friends you’d make such a sacrifice for?

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