Life First is a Readioactive Book.

Life First is a Readioactive Book.

Here are excerpts from reviews of Life First. Click the link for the entire review:

“RJ Crayton just took me on a wild ride in her sci-fi thriller, Life First. This novel was a poignant, riveting, thought provoking read that had me entranced from page one until the very end of the book. In simple speak, I literally could not put it down.”

Griffin’s Honey Blog


“I was completely intrigued by this book from the very first page. There were fairly few characters in-keeping with the story, but they were all extremely well thought out. I really think RJ Crayton should be expecting calls for film rights because this played out in my mind as I read it like a really great film…. It gripped you like King Kong and would not let go until you had finished the book.”

“If you like dystopian thrillers, then you’ll enjoy this well-written novel and will be waiting, impatiently, for the next in the series.”


“This book turned out to be nothing like what I was expecting-in a good way. It is a story that will get people talking …. The plot was really well worked with lots of twists and surprises that keep you hooked. I expected this to just be one of these on-the-run dramas but it was so much more than that. There was depth, drama, tension and action in this book that I didn’t expect. The storytelling was done beautifully, and you can’t help but care what happens to everyone involved.”

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