I have a special power, but no one would call it a gift. A curse, for sure. I don’t know how I ended it up with this … this thing, but I have it. It’s the ability to know who will die. A single whiff as they walk by, and I know the person is marked for death. And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

I hate this ability, this power, and everyone who knows I have it hates me. Well, only one person knows. My father. And he hates me for it. He hates me for knowledge I don’t want or know how to stop.

I’ve retreated into myself, knowing I can tell no one. But then, one day, she walks into my life. And I know immediately that she’s different. She wears a scent, but not that of death. A different scent, an other worldly one. And I know in that moment that I will stop at nothing to understand why.

Scented is a stirring tale of 16-year-old Bryan, who with the help of new girl Lauraline, must learn to cope with the power he has and to learn to live fully despite the death around him. Grab Scented from any of the retailers below.

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