ScentedwavesmokeBryan thought his life had changed forever when he realized he could sense who would die next. Then he met Lauraline.

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The blurb is below and you can read sample chapters online: in PDF on my site or  a web-based view on Wattpad. People who opt to subscribe to the mailing list can pick up Scented free just for subscribing.

When you’re haunted by death, is your only chance for peace scented like an angel?

When Bryan Harper was eight-years-old, his mother died tragically in a car wreck. He was chilled when he realized the sickening smell clinging to her beforehand was a sign of what was to come. Haunted by a “gift”that lets him know who is going to die next, Bryan, now sixteen, seeks solace in solitude.

Having narrowly escaped death as a young child, Lauraline Reese fears the reaper still searches for her. She’s seeking to fit in and be normal in her new school, but can she when the storm that almost claimed her life continues to stalk her?

When Lauraline Reese walks into Bryan’s life, he knows immediately she’s different. She smells like no other living person he’s ever encountered. She’s got the scent of ashes to ashes and dust to dust. And he’s drawn to her to discover why.

As the two grow close, Lauraline helps Bryan discover a vital message. As they decipher what to do next, they must each come to terms with their unique gifts as they race against death to set things right.

Scented is powerful tale about life, death and love, woven through the tapestry of characters with unique abilities. If you enjoy stirring, supernatural tales with love at their center, you’ll adore Scented.

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