20130829 – Life First Has Gone Readioactive!

AUG. 29, 2013

Readioactive Campaign Spreads Books Across States

So, how is a Washington metro area author supposed to spread the word about her book in Texas, New York, Florida and California? Online is an obvious choice. But what about going old school with a high-tech flair?

The Readioactive Book Sharing Campaign adds QR codes to hard copies of books and sends them to readers across the nation. Readers can scan the QR code to post on Twitter or Facebook about the book, then read it, take a pic with it, and pass the book on to someone they think would enjoy it. The campaign started earlier this month by sending books to four U.S. cities to be discovered by booklovers.

“The Readioactive Book Share Project is a part of the Readioactive Book Review swap site,” said Mercy Pilkington, CEO of Author Options, the company that owns ReadioactiveBooks.com. “It’s a fun way for authors to put their books ‘out there,’ and hopefully they’ll make some new social media connections and grow their fan base in the process.”

Local author R.J. Crayton’s dystopian thriller Life First is among the early wave of books sent out under the Readioactive banner.

“I’ve been promoting my book on blogs, reader sites and bargain ebook sites,” said Crayton, who lives in Hyattsville, MD, just outside of Washington, DC. “I thought this would be a memorable way to reach readers the old fashioned way — just handing them a book. We all know that good books get passed around, so my hope is that Life First reaches a new set of readers in each of the cities it’s been shipped to.”

At present, Readioactive’s reach is limited to Dallas, Tampa, San Francisco and New York. The program could expand if distributors in more major cities want to sign on. Passing on these books could go on indefinitely (OK, it could go on until the binding shreds), and Crayton is quite content with that.

“So far, I’m pleased with the program. Right now, I’m definitely in Texas, New York, California and Florida, and that’s more than I could say at the start of this process,” Crayton said. “At this point, I’m glad to know the book is out there reaching people.”

To learn more about the Readioactive Book Share campaign, go to http://readioactivebooks.com.
To learn more about R.J. Crayton or her novel Life First, go to http://rjcrayton.com.


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