Spring Break! Woo Hoo!


Cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. (photo courtesy WikiCommons)

My kids’ spring break has started, so I’m going to do limited (or no) posting in the next week, unless something exciting comes along. I may take the moment to finally start tweeting, as I might be out and about and have the opportunity to post one or two things. 

Our spring break will be a mix of leisure and activity. We’re in the DC metro area, and the Cherry Blossom festival is going on this week. So, I’ll probably take the kids to the kite festival this weekend, and we’ll definitely go see the cherry blossoms at some point (hopefully during peak bloom). My daughter wants to go to the aquarium. We’re members, so that’s easy enough.  

I love deal sites, so when I happened upon a deal for chocolate camp, I signed my kids up. I’m slowly regretting this, as I bet the camp instructor waits until the end of the day to let them eat all the chocolate they’ve been making. Then she’ll send them home to me totally hopped up on caffeine and sugar (chocolate has both, right?).  Alas, I can’t regret it too much. Kids are supposed to have fun every once in a while, right?

So, any exciting plans for you guys for spring break?

Have a good one.


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