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Everyone loves free, right?  Plus, a free sample is often the best way to show people that they really want to read more by an author. (Despite people giving Hugh Howey’s Wool rave reviews, I didn’t buy the Omnibus until I’d read the free Wool (part 1). I was so hooked after that!)  Therefore, I thought I’d post everything that’s available for free in one spot here on the website for those who like to sample before they buy.

All novels – If you’re interested in reading RJ Crayton’s books at no direct cost to you, feel free to check them out from your public library. If your public library doesn’t carry the books, you can probably change that.

Life First Preview. You can read the first nine chapters of Life First on Wattpad. Amazon lets you read the first six chapters via the download a sample button (look in the box beneath the “buy it now” button; there should be a box that says “send sample now”). Smashwords also lets you read the first seven chapters as a sample. The longest sample, however is on Wattpad, and you’re welcome to check that out. Again, Wattpad doesn’t require you to be a member to read.

Second Life Preview. You can read the first ten chapters (it has 62) of Second Life online at Wattpad. While this book is a sequel to Life First, you certainly don’t have to have read Life First to enjoy it, as it can stand alone. Second Life has more romance than Life First and an equal amount of suspense. You can also download a free preview from Amazon or Smashwords.

Interviews and Guest posts
From time to time I write guest blogs or am interviewed. If you’re interested in my musings (hey, sounds better than ramblings, no?), you can check out the links. (These are links to websites I do not control. If the site owner has removed my post or the link no longer works, please let me know and I’ll remove it from this list.)



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