Figuring out how to be a “Ninja Mom”


We saw this sign on an RV last year. It says, “Home of the Ninja Rooster.”

The other day, I was toying around with new bio information the other day and wrote, “By day, I’m a writer, and by night, I’m a ninja mom.”

Whilst it sounded cute, I had never heard tell of a ninja mom. So, I asked myself, if I want to include this in my bio, what exactly would I say a ninja mom does?

Wikipedia (y’know, the absolute source on everything :)) defines a ninja as “a covert agent or mercenary … who specialized in unorthodox warfare.”  Wait, that sounds like me. I’m totally about unorthodox warfare with the children. Especially at bedtime. Some nights it can be a true battle royale.

I guess you could even call me a covert agent (does tooth fairy stuff count?).  However, I am not a mercenary (unless you include spiders and insect invaders; if so, buckle up, ’cause I’m a stone-cold, merciless killer).

So, maybe I will call myself a ninja mom. I mean, if there can be a ninja rooster, why not a ninja mom?

I’ll leave you with a video from one of my favorite ninja songs, because I was “Born to be a Ninja!”

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  1. What a lovely title. Hello ninja mom.

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