Big Book Giveaway – Last Day

Today is the very last day to enter the Big Book Giveaway, where you can win a package of 10 books from various authors. Two prizes will be given. You an enter in the box at the end of this post.

I thought I’d feature two more of the books that could come in the prize package. (There are 20 books that will be divided randomly and sent to two winners.)  As always, even if you don’t win the prize, consider grabbing the book anyway, if it like the description.

Song of the Fairy Queen
By Valerie Douglas
Song of the Fairy Queen4.1 stars, 102 reviews

It’s said of Fairy that if you’re in dire need and you call their name they’ll come. With his castle under siege and his young son in his arms, High King Oryan couldn’t be in more dire need. With only his High Marshal, Morgan, and a handful of Morgan’s men at his back, he has only one direction left to run…up. And only one ally to whom he can turn.

Kyriay, the Queen of the Fairy.

Song of the Fairy Queen is not your parent’s fairy tale. (This book is FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.)

By DB Sieders
4.9 stars, 7 reviews
No one believes Ilsa is worthy of ruling the Rhine River Kingdom, including Ilsa.

Sure, she wields plenty of mermaid magic and has a winning personality, but responsibility? Not her thing.

So instead of embracing her role as river royalty, Ilsa opts to extend her holiday in the New World. Frolicking with mortals is her M.O.—until she answers a distress call from an endangered species in the waters near Chattanooga. After her close encounter with a motorboat threatens to expose the world of elemental guardians, Ilsa partners with biologist and unlikely ally, Paul Pulaski, to cover her tail.

Worlds collide and sparks ignite between Princess Ilsa and her diamond-in-the-rough mortal, Paul. But can they survive monster hunters, a rival scientist with a grudge, and a dark force that could destroy mortal and elemental alike?

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