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Christmas is in the air, even with stores selling a life-sized Santa.

Christmas is in the air, even with stores selling a life-sized Santa.

Happy Friday to you! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast and aren’t too full. Mine was quite pleasant.

Briefly, I’ll note, Four Mothers is free on Amazon for the holiday weekend (today through Dec. 1), so if you haven’t read it grab a copy. If you know someone who might like it, let them know.

Around here, they’ve already begun to play Christmas music on one of the radio stations. My daughter asked me what my favorite Christmas songs were, and I gave it some thought and told her. Since we’re now almost officially into the Christmas season (or we definitely will be on Friday), I thought instead of doing Friday Fun Stuff, I’d do my Friday Favorites. And by favorites, I mean favorite Christmas songs. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you have to love the music.

For my first favorite, I thought I’d start with a King (not The King; though I’m told some people love Blue Christmas).  We’re talking Nat King Cole’s version of the Christmas Song. And yes, that’s the only one I like. Christmas stations tend to play several of the knockoff versions and they’re just not as good. No one can match Nat.  Here he is, singing it up.


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