NaNoWriMo Week 4


Feeling a bit shackled by NaNoWriMo at the moment.

Well, we’re into the final stretch, the very last two days of NaNoWriMo. I’m finally on track, and should finish, presuming these last two days go without incident (though I already know I have to take my daughter to the orthodontist; a wire is loose on her braces. We’ve got wax on it at the moment, but it will need fixing on Monday).

I’ll do a final NaNo wrap up post later in the week once I see how it all shakes up. I don’t see myself doing NaNo again though. I’m pretty sure I won’t complete much more than the 50k words during NaNo, as I’m right on target. But, also because NaNo really seems to suck the joy out of the process. Last night, I’d achieved the word count I needed for the day and I considered writing another scene, but just decided I was too sick of NaNo to write any more for the day. So, for me, it’s been, oddly, a motivation drain

So, for a brief wrap-up of my week 4.
Nov. 22 – 2714
Nov. 23 – 1703
Nov. 24 – 2
Nov. 25 – 2588
Nov. 26 – 825
Nov. 27 – 3089
Nov. 28 – 1808
Week 4 Total – 12,729
Week 3 total – 8,371
Week 2 total – 12,745
Week 1 total – 13,075
NaNo Total – 46,920

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