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RJ Crayton’s books make wonderful fodder for book club discussions. As such, we’ve created this page just for you book club members.  It’s got some common questions book clubs might ask if they’re using the book.

What books does RJ Crayton have?
Currently, two books are published: Life First and Second Life.

Is RJ Crayton available to come to our book club meeting?
Yes! If you’re in the DC metropolitan area, she might be able to physically attend. Otherwise, she’s willing to use Skype or Google Hangouts to be virtually present at your meeting. There, you can ask her anything you want about the books or writing them.

Do you have book club questions?
Absolutely. You’ll find the questions at these links:

Life First
Second Life

Can we get a group buying discount?
Probably. If you’re interested in a group discount (5 or more books), please email via the contact form.

Are RJ Crayton’s books at my library?
You have to check with your library, but if they’re not, they can be. Libraries usually make acquisition decisions one of two ways: (1) a committee that vets books and (2) patron suggestions. In many library systems, if multiple patrons request a copy of the book, the library takes that seriously and will buy it.  So, if you want any of RJ Crayton’s books at your library, request them. Here’s the information your library might ask for when looking into purchasing a book:

Book title: Life First
Author: RJ Crayton
ISBN-10: 1490468080
ISBN-13: 978-1490468082
Paperback, 1st edition
Year Published: 2013

Book title: Second Life
Author: RJ Crayton
ISBN-10: 1492725358
ISBN-13: 978-1492725350
Paperback, 1st edition
Year Published: 2013


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