I’ve seen a cow poop in a pool–that sums up my life!


Calf (Photo courtesy of Wiki commons)

I’ve written for newspapers and seen a cow poop in a pool. That, my friends, shall be the title of my autobiography. I decided this after my daughter brought home something she wrote for school.

My daughter is in kindergarten, and for their writing assignments, they can compose a riddle for the other kids to guess. They all start with the question, “Who am I?” And they’re usually about animals. Things like: I have a long nose and big ears and live in Africa. Or, I am small and go buzz and sting people.

The other day, my daughter wrote: “I used to write for newspapers and I saw a cow poop in a pool.” Well, yes, that apparently sums me up in one sentence.  Intriguing enough that it can make a decent autobiography title? I guess so.

It’s always so interesting the things kids pick out as their dominating facts about you.  Hopefully she won’t tell the world about my cupcake addiction (yes, I have a problem; I know.)

If you’re curious about when I saw the cow pooping in the pool, check the blog on Thursday; I’ll recount it then. Have a good day. I’m off to do things that will not be even as remotely interesting as watching cows poop in pools or writing for newspapers.

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  1. Charles Ray says:

    Interesting title – I too once wrote for newspapers, and, having grown up in a rural area, saw a lot of cow poop – but, never in a pool. Look forward to the next post explaining that one.

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