“I was turning left; I had the right-of-way!”

Passenger: "Dude, turn left!" Driver: "Should I look both ways?" Passenger: "Nah, man, you've got the right-of-way" (Image credit: Rene Cilia via WikiCommons)

Passenger: “Dude, turn left!”
Driver: “Should I look both ways?”
Passenger: “Nah, man, you’ve got the right-of-way”
(Image credit: Rene Cilia via WikiCommons)

That is a direct quote said to me the other day by  the driver who hit my car (as I drove along the main road). He made this amazing statement  when we got out of our cars after pulling off on a side street.

I could not hide my shock. I just said, “Tell that to the police, please,” and went and sat in my car to wait.  Though, I shouldn’t have even said that, because I think I tipped him off that that was not the best thing to say to the police.

Anyway. I’m fine. My car has some left rear damage and must be repaired. I must say, I feel old, because when I learned to drive, I was told to call the police when you had an accident. I did, and the officer didn’t do anything. He said all they do when no one is injured is “facilitate an exchange of information.”  I’m certainly glad no  one was injured, but really I wanted the officer to give that kid (he was 20) a ticket.  You should get a ticket if you say turning left from a side street onto the main road means you have the right-of-way.  You are supposed to wait for a break in traffic on the main road before executing your turn, not turn and plan for traffic to move out of your way! All I can say is thank goodness no one was injured.

Anyway, I’m grousing. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m a writer, so anytime I hear a quote that makes my jaw drop, I feel the need to use it. I don’t have a  character so impossibly idiotic in any of my works in progress, so I thought I’d share here.

My grousing is done.

P.S. Got a great review yesterday at Griffin’s Honey Blog. A nice pick me up after the drama of dealing with insurance company and accident stuff.

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