Goodreads Giveaway: Second Chance

Well,  thanks to everyone who entered the Goodreads Giveaway for Second Life, the second book in the Life First series.  There were 645 applicants but only two winners of the hard copy book giveaway, but that seems too few.

So, if you’re still interested in the book, you’ve got four days to get yourself a free electronic copy.  How do you do it? The contest is open to all subscribers to the  monthly email newsletter.  Just provide your email address in the form below and that’s it (if you’re not a subscriber, you’ll be added to the list; if you are, you’re all good). I’ll pick three winners at random on Jan. 16. Last day to enter is January 15; that just so happens to be my birthday, so it shall be super fun to be giving gifts as well as receiving them Enter by midnight on the 15th.

Also, in the event you haven’t read Life First, you can get it at a special discount. Through Jan. 15, you can use this Smashwords coupon code to get Life First for $1.99 (you save $1): VW92K. That’s it for today. Stay awesome, folks!

About RJ Crayton

RJ Crayton is a former journalist who now writes fiction. She's reported for the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle, as well as the smaller publications Education Technology News and Campus Crime. She has two published novels, Life First and Second Life and blogs for Indies Unlimited and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. For exclusive content and first looks at her new work, sign up for the newsletter at
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2 Responses to Goodreads Giveaway: Second Chance

  1. First of all happy birthday. The common think is that we should be grateful for them. I always am…until I look in the mirror and wonder why that person doesn’t match the inner child that I still am 🙂 But it’s your birthday…not about me! Stopping by from IU blogfest!

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Thanks for stopping by and the birthday wishes. And I agree with you, birthdays are the double edged sword. Always grateful for them, but sometimes the exterior is not as youthful as the interior.

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