Have you checked out mentally, recently?

My mind has been relaxing on the beach, despite the location of my body. (Image source: Wiki commons)

My mind has been relaxing on the beach, despite the location of my body. (Image source: Wiki commons)

I was talking to some friends of mine the other night, lamenting how the kids had to make up a bunch of snow days. Call me a bad parent if you want, but it seems like a big waste of time that keeps the kids in school when their heads aren’t going to be in the game. Two of the people I was talking to were teachers, and they agreed that kids check out mentally long before the last days of school, with one suggesting her student have already bailed (not the same since spring break) and the other saying she can’t get much done with the students after Memorial Day.

I bring this up not to rant about makeup snow days (got that out of my system ), but because the idea of checking out mentally resonated with me.  I feel I’ve been going through the motions ever since I’ve been back from my Spring Break vacation. I’m here physically, and I’ve even been able to get some things done, but overall I’ve been much less efficient. Part of it was readjusting to a three-hour shift in time zones. The other part is the increasingly lovely weather.

It seems I’d rather be out and about doing other things than hunkering down and finishing a couple of projects.

The good news is, I think I’ve gotten the mental  vacation out of my system, and I feel compelled to crack the whip again. The bad news is my mental vacation did put me behind on my planned publishing schedule. But, maybe I’ll get a second wind and get caught up. Who knows?

So, have you been all into work recently or have you had a bit of a mental vacation? If not, do you think you’ll start getting antsy as we get closer to summer? Or is summer when you do your best stuff? My husband actually says he likes working when people are on vacation because he can get more done (no one around to dump silly unexpected projects on him or interrupt him when he’s in the zone).

That’s almost it for me. But, before I go: Happy Cinco de Mayo, and a happy 20th birthday to my niece.

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4 Responses to Have you checked out mentally, recently?

  1. Dale says:

    It’s winter here, well, end of Autumn, but feels like winter at the moment. It takes longer for me to get up and going in the morning (the keyboard is cold), but once I do the old BIC, I’m usually okay until the sun starts warming things up and then I’m drawn outside. :))

    I can’t believe they have make-up snow days. That’s like us having make-up cyclone days. Not gonna happen, lol.

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Oh, yes, the other side of the world is heading in the opposite direction, so then you get the distraction of grabbing those last lovely days before the cold sets in. Well, go for it. You only live once (unless you’re James Bond). 🙂

      And don’t get me started on the snow days. The people in charge of education are overly self important and think that the world ends if kids don’t attend 180 days of school. By the time you get to adding extra days, the teachers are just glorified babysitters. They’re as ready to go as the kids and they’re not accomplishing more learning. I wish they’d just give it up.

  2. Oh man, does that resonate with me. I use the excuse that I’m working on my daughter’s wedding plans and enjoying my grandson but the truth is I keep procrastinating instead of writing. But, like you, I think I am finally back into things. I find that deadlines help. My writing group has begun again after a break. They expect something from me. That’s a good thing.

    • RJ Crayton says:

      Wedding plans definitely sound like a fun distraction, so I can see why it was easy to set aside the world of writing. But, sounds like you’ve got a deadline now and aim to meet it. Good luck.

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