Prophecy of Light Series Going Wide (Halfway There!)

01prophecyoflighttrapped_200300Just a quick post to let you know that my Prophecy of Light series is being released wide, rather than just on Amazon.

The series has four books, and previously three of them were in the Kindle Unlimited program and could not be available on other vendors. The term for books one, two and four is over, and the term for book three ends Sept. 11. I decided sometime after the release of book 4 that I was going to take the series wide. However, each book is required to stay in the Kindle Unlimited program for 90 days after you sign up for the program. That’s why book three is actually in the program longer than book 4. I’d just signed up for a new term prior to publishing book 4.

prophecy-of-light-unleashed-ebook800Because books one and two are finished with their Amazon exclusivity term, you can grab them at all retailers. I’m going to post links for books three and four next Tuesday. Even though book four is finished with its Amazon exclusivity, I didn’t want to confuse new readers by publishing books 1,2 and 4. So, both books three and four will publish next week on the other sites.

The four books in the series are: (1) Prophecy of Light: Trapped, (2) Prophecy of Light: Unleashed, (3) Prophecy of Light: Foretold, and (4) Prophecy of Light: Fulfilled.

Links to the book purchase sites are below.  The entire series will be enrolled in the Kobo Plus subscription service, as well as the Playster subscription service.

Prophecy of Light: Trapped (FREE)

AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboGoogle PlayApple

Prophecy of Light: Unleashed (99 cents)

AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboGoogle PlayApple


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