Who’s Your Protector?

thorcarSo we were out and about the other day, when I noticed the car in front of us had this sticker on it.

I adored it. Protected by Thor. How awesome.

While I love Thor, I also think other gods and super heroes are cool. Could I be protected by Poseidon, Ra, Isis, or Zeus. If we head into the Marvel cinematic universe, could the Black Panther protect me?  I have been loving the pictures coming from that set.

So, if you were to make up your own decal, who would you be protected by?

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One Response to Who’s Your Protector?

  1. Well, I saw a bumper sticker several years ago that said: “This vehicle insured by Smith & Wesson.” I don’t know if that was just a joke, or if it was true. But, in Texas, no one is normally stupid enough to try to find out. From 1988 to 1993 I had a 1983 Pontiac Grand Prix Brougham. It already had 89,000 miles on it when I bought it, following a rollover accident. It had given me so much mechanical trouble within the first year that, when I got the windows tinted, I had them put the name “Christine” in large white letters at the top of the windshield. The car was black with a silver interior. When people saw that name on it, it generally made them curious. But it also made them leery.

    I can’t say what kind of decal I’d design. Probably something with a wolf’s head, since I have a love for dogs.

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